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Sv Garulfo


I was surprised by your correction as a french "hale-bas" is typically a down-line, for instance the vang of the boom. Thus I believe Amel are incorrect in calling that line a "hale-bas", and you are right to call it an aft line. "Retenue arrière", as used in the description of the pole setup in the user manual, would have been more appropriate. 

We'll upload the file with both corrections for that item in the list. 


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​ et al​

It was a collaborative effort
​ and without you, it would have never been finished. Thank you so very are GREAT. There is one more correction I see that is needed: "
hale bas de tangon
​" is the "
Pole aft line

Maybe we should tell every 54 owner that Amel accidentally left the 54 "pole up-guys" off of the official running rigging list. It might be because it appears to me that Amel rigged 3 different downwind pole configurations during the production of the 54.

Jeffery, Porter, & Courtney: You should download this
​Excel file
 from the Yahoo Amel Owners Group
​ (noting the change above)​
, or you can download it from Client Access at


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Thanks to Bill R for validating the translations!

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That’s very useful Thomas. Very Appreciated. 


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