Re: Replacing AMFA Fresh Water System by Jabsco


They work fine together with the separate control units.

I find that when any source opens up and the pressure falls, both pumps kick on.  If the demand can be satisfied by one pump, then the other stops pretty quickly and doesn't come back on until the demand calls for it.  On our boat, that usually means two shower heads wide open.

We dispensed with the pressure accumulator when we installed these.  With the variable speed pump it did not seem to add any value.  

So far, with a year's service, they have that perfect attribute for a piece of mechanical equipment on a cruising boat:  we never think about them!

Bill Kinney
Floating again... still at LMC
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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I'm wondering if you had to do anything special to put two of the Marco UP2/E pumps in parallel?  The reason I ask is the control unit, will both pumps run correctly when in parallel but with separate control units?


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