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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS


At anchor at times I unroll a bit of the mizzen and sheet it hard in the center. It helps hold the boat into the wind and waves. Likewise when running flat off with the twin headsails if there is too much rolling I extend some of the mizzen sheeted hard to the centerline. Helps quite a lot.



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Hello Davi,

Yes, I used Davis Rocker Stoppers for some years with great success - made many otherwise untenable anchorages very good. Worked best in situations where the wind would die out overnight and boat would turn sideways to the swell. No issues with the load on the poles or topping lifts.    

Downside was they took up quite a bit of storage space - had thought a flat hinged style might be better, but didn't try. Also, after some years the plastic of the Davis units cracked a lot and have done without them for many years now.

Regarding running birds off the poles downwind, never tried it but seems the drag would outweigh any advantage and the load on the fore-guys would be too much.  With twin poles and the jib and balooner being in the headfoil you'll find downwind rolling is minimal, as compared with, say, a conventional spinnaker. If there is some roll you can tack downwind thru about 45 degrees without adjusting a thing, rather than heading DDW. 
Cheers, Craig Briggs, SN#68

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Ciao all... I am in the final stages of getting a SM and for my first question on this form, I had a silly one.... anyone try using some kind of flopper stopper from the jib/code 0 poles at anchor? Are the supports/uphaul strong enough for this? Even dumber question, anyone try running birds off the poles while sailing downwind to control rolling? 

Many thanks!




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