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Mohammad Shirloo

Hello Arno;
I second Bill's comments. In our long search for a 54 we saw many examples. If properly maintained, Amels maintain their factory fresh look for a very long time. When we purchased our 54, she was 6 years old and other than a few minor items, it would be hard to tell she did not just recently roll out of the factory. On the other hand we did see others with obvious signs of neglect. In these cases, our assumption was that there were many other issues that we could not see visually and we would walk away.
Take your time and select the right one and you will have a great boat that you will enjoy for years.
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Care and maintenance are important factors regarding the condition of almost any boat.

I could give you specific reasons for what you've seen, but it is safe to say, things would have been different with a different owner. I have seen pristine 30 year old Amels and I have seen terrible 2 year old Amels. 

Appearances are only part of the story in choosing the right Amel for you. 

Good luck in your search and feel free to ask any question.


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Dear group,

We have recently taken up the quest to find an Amel 54 for our future cruising plans. We joined this group hoping some of you can help us with this daunting plan.

So last week we had a viewing on our first 54. We were slighty disappointent in the way the boat looked. Having relativly little engine hours we noticed quite a bit corrosion on many of her interior parts. For example the circulalion pump for the aircon that  pushes the water through the units was badly corroded. Water taps at the sinks looked pretty poor. Mirrors in the cabins were affected on the sides. Lots of metal parts in the interior looked dull and apparently affected by the saltness in the air.

Is this something one can expect from an Amel that lives in salt water with little usage or did we jus saw a poor example of a 54.

Thanks in ad vance,


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