Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Re: 46' Santorin Mast Height

Robin Cooter <robincooter@...>


We took a Santorin up and down the ICW around 5 years ago without problems. You cannot go south of Lauderdale as there is a "low" bridge between Lauderdale and Miami.
After the Deleware you have to go to sea as the ICW is too shallow from there to NY.

We touched bottom a couple of time and once had to wait at an inlet for the tide to rise to crose a bar. We have heard lately that the Corps of Engineers are no longer maintaining the depths in the waterway due to funding cuts (The money is going to fight wars abroad!). I would try to find up to date info on depths in the ICW as this may be your limiting factor.


Robin Cooter.
Santorin 004 - Belouga.

George Cerillo <> wrote:
Does anyone know the mast height of the Amel 46' Santorin? Is this
vessel ICW compatible?

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