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Courtney Gorman

It could be from the Boxtron Unit

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Hi all,
I am at home in Sydney and our 54 is on the hard in Greece at Cleopatra Yard, Preveza for wintering.

I have just been informed by the marina staff that there is an 'alarm sound' coming from he boat.

My immediate assumption is that the battery monitor is indicating low battery voltage. Is this the only 'alarm' sound I could expect?
Are there other things that cause audible alarms that I could be missing.

I left the boat 8 weeks ago with a full charge, with everything individually turned off, but the main breakers on. This resulted in a current draw of about 1A.

I was reluctant to leave the mains power connected, so temporarily connected one of my (not yet installed) 240W solar panels to the batteries, and positioned it on the side deck on the southern side. When I left, the net inflow of current seemed sufficient to maintain the batteries with a daily net 24Ah.

Thoughts please?? I will ask the marina staff to investigate in the morning

Eek! I don't really want to replace my battery bank next year!

Or could the alarm be something else entirely ??

SY Stella
Amel 54 #154

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