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Craig Briggs

Just came down a few weeks ago from Cape Fear to Ft. Pierce - got spotty unusable signals about 12 miles offshore of Canaveral. 4G didn't kick in reliably until about 5 miles off as we closed on Ft. Pierce. Using T-Mobile.
Cheers, Craig SN#68

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Hi All,
Any consensus on average cell tower range while sailing off the coast of Florida. I'm going on a short trip North and was wondering if I could get a Predictwind update en route. Not critical just wondering.

s/v Joy 

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I'm using the standard version and it has served me well. When you are offshore, you will have very slow data download and subsequently you will automatically try to limit the information that you receive to the necessary minimum.
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Perfect Thanks Kent!

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I use the Standard version.  If I were racing, I'd use the Pro version.  It would be nice to see the currents, but certainly not necessary.  Predict wind has free Gulf Stream information that I look at before sailing on the east coast of the US.

S/V Kristy

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