Cautionary Turbo Tale

Patrick McAneny

Several months ago my engine lost performance , it would not exceed 1800 rpm. I have a Volvo TMD 22A and normally could get it up to 3000 rpm. I discovered that the turbine did not spin easily and assumed it was the result of running it slowly and a build up of carbon. Today , I took the turbo off and brought it home , while trying to explain how a turbo works to my wife and pointing to where the air enters the turbo , she innocently asked me, Is that supposed to be there? When I looked , I could not believe it, there was a tightly wound  wad of paper towel sucked tightly up against the turbine. I don't know how any air got passed it. I must have left a paper towel in the engine room and it got sucked up through the filter , which is not a proper filter at all . There is a black plastic housing in where I would expect a filter to be , but it is empty . I will now place a wide mesh screen over the opening. This explains the gray smoke , and some black smoke I never had before , not enough air. I also discovered oil in the tube connected to the intake manifold , not good , I assume the turbo has a bad seal . Needless to say, its going in  for a rebuild. So keep track of those paper towels , and save your turbo !

Happy Thanksgiving Pilgrims ,

Pat & Diane,

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