Re: Anchor chain channel liner

In Fort Lauderdale, I was told the lining material is called "shark skin," but could never find any.  In La Rochelle in 2015 I asked one of the Amel technicians who was aboard to replace it, he said the material is no longer available.

To reduce the amount of wear on the liner, we did two things in Fort Lauderdale:

2014: Two small, rectangular, "starboard" pads were glued into the vertical or nearly vertical leading edges of the fiberglass, aft of where the stainless steel ends.  Otherwise, the fiberglass had begun to show deterioration.  The pads now show significant abrasion, but are still in very good working order.

2015: Two narrow pieces of teak were screwed into the floor of the channel, about halfway between the windlass and the stainless steel.   The chain runs in between the pieces of wood when the anchor is down, and the anchor and its swivel and shackle no longer strike the shark skin when the anchor is up.  The wood shows quite a bit of abrasion, but both pieces are in good working order.

The "shark skin" shows no additional wear and tear since 2015, despite anchoring out most of the time.  Had these measures not been undertaken, I am positive the "shark skin" would have had to be replaced by now.


SM2K Nr. 350 (2002)
Underway, Patara to Kas, Turkey

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