Re: Amel 54 Corrosion

Arno Luijten

Dear Group,

Thanks for all responses. It seems to prove the principle of "use it or loose it" is very much valid for Amels as well.
The Amel we've looked at has seen very little usage, less then 600 motor hours.
As a result the interior looks very good but the technical installations are not in great shape.
So my guess is that buying such a yacht would take a lot of effort to get effort to get back in shape with substantial costs associated.
At present the price does not reflect this as far a I can tell. As usual the broker tries to downplay the problems but I would expect him to do so. However our funds are limited and we cannot afford a money-pit other thenĀ  a yacht in good shape already is.

We will need to take look at other Amels for finding our new cruising-home.

Thanks again.

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