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Duane, I can only confirm from what you wrote , that I am not as much of a mechanic as yourself. I don't have a Yanmar , but I assume a Volvo would function the same as you describe. A couple of things I do know , is to always start with the simple and work towards the complex. The other is that oil belongs in the engine , not in the intake manifold , where I guess it could result in a runaway engine. Since I will be having the turbo rebuilt , I will for now , assume it was the source , especially considering its proximity to the oil. I had noticed the loss of oil and was thinking maybe oil seals . Now I am hoping it also was the result of a leak in  the turbo . Hope that is not just hopeful thinking .
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Please check on what I'm about to write yourself since I'm not much of a mechanic.  

Oil in the Intercooler Air Duct is not necessarily an indication of an oil leak in the Turbo.  On my Yanmar there is a breather tube connected to the valve cover and to the air filter.  The intent is that when pressure in the crankcase increases it is relieved by the breather tube.  Pressure is caused by heat increasing the air pressure inside the crankcase, but mostly from "blow by", which are the gases that leak out of the combustion chamber.  

These gasses contains some hydrocarbons, and instead of letting it drip under the engine the tube directs it to the air intake.  If there is a lot of oil, that's not a good thing.  If there is some evidence of oil streaking, or the intercooler is a bit wet with oi l, that's normal.  The amount of "blow by" is proportional to the condition of the piston rings, valve seats, etc.  A worn out engine will have more "blow by" than a new one.

Of course, it could also be an oil leak in the turbo...

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