Starting Battery BOSCH S5015 (610402092) 110Ah battery Low Self-Discharge


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The starter battery part of this discussion reminds me--If there are (European) automotive battery suppliers around you might check out the BOSCH S5015 Battery (610402092) 110Ah 992CA. It is a flooded maintenance free battery.   

The 393x175x190 physical size is exactly perfect for Super Maramu 2000.  Terminals allow cable to the side or ends and were no problem. 

It is low profile enough not to require any modification to the wood above and again sits perfectly in the compartment using the small Amel wood block set on edge at the end (about 1") . This size and type is specified for some of the larger Mercedes (etc) automobiles with the larger V8 diesels and had plenty of muscle for our engines. Bosch has an S3, S4, S5 .  The S3 probably fine, the S4 better, and the S5 with some capacity for higher drain electrics on cars (probably unnecessary but may be a help if your starter battery goes without charging for a longer period of time). 

You can see the specs on the S5015 here (random vendor) 

From Bosch progaganda....

"The Bosch S5 Battery will tolerate short journeys better than any other battery in its price range. Maintenance Free Silver Calcium technology lies at the heart of the Bosch S5 battery series with Labyrinth Lid Technology and superior internal grid construction.  The Bosch S5 can sit for 18+ Months (charged) and its performance will not be compromised."  Impressive looking in the battery compartment BTW (when Adm Bill saw it in Siracusa).  I am away from KAIMI but will post a pic when I return to Malta.

"BOSCH S5 features:
30% higher cold cranking power,
30% longer service life,
For new generation cars with additional safety and comfort electrical equipment,
100% maintenance free battery,
Minimum self-discharge,
Produced using the advanced technology of silver,
Maximum security,
The patented "labyrinth" cover prevents electrolyte spills or evaporate,
Protection from a gas explosion.
Reliable driving short distances in urban cycle."

Anyway, perfect size and shape (for SM 2000), plenty of power, low self-discharge, moderate price.  It definitely has more punch than our previous 31 series--a slightly faster steady crank really helps the Onan start quickly.  The 18+ month sitting is probably in a vehicle with car alarm, advanced computer, etc. Other brands are probably good also.
Bob, KAIMI SM429


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