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James Alton

  On my wooden Loki Yawl the bronze prop has been completely unprotected since the boat was launched in 2000.  On a wooden boat the addition of zincs causes an alkali to build up inside of the boat on the protected metal which slowly destroys the wood hence the aversion to zinc in this case.  It is far cheaper to replace the prop than the wood in other words. The prop at this stage has some corrosion and thinning noticeable along the leading edge but it is minor and the prop is still safe to use.  The stainless shaft still looks perfect even under the packing. I have kept the prop coated with prop speed which lasts multiple years because of the lack of zinc.  Protected bronze tends to bubble off just about any coating you put on it in short order as you are probably aware.  On my Amel I will keep a shaft zinc on to protect things since the alkali does not bother fiberglass and the running gear is more expensive.

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If you had an unbonded SS shaft with no anode, I am curious...  how did your prop survive?

Bill Kinney
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