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Peter, use 3M 5200 ,sand the rubber lightly apply the sealant, let sit for a week. If that doesn´nt work,Throw the thing away. I had my Zodiac professionally glued at a cost of $600.00 it lasted 1 year.
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--- In, "pjppappas" <pjppappas@...> wrote:>> Is the material used PVC or Hypalon. My wooden stern has completely > become un-glued from the patoons. Does anyone have a suggestion as to > what adhesive would be best to repair this? Thank You. Peter > Pappas "Callisto" sm2002 #369, Pt Vallarta, Mexico>Hello Peter, It will not be Hypalon as Zodiac does not use that material. I have had a lok on the web and the best I can come up with is "" They actually advertise transom refixing on their site and if you tell them that yo are not close to Greece they will probably be happy to advise.I do recall that I once read a report from someone who had their outboard stolen in East Africa by someone who used a saw on the wooden transom! He repaired it with a piece of wood glued in place with Secomastic adhesive which he also used to repair the fabric.Good luck, Anne and John, Bali Hai Sm 319

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