Icom M710 SSB and Simrad VHF ---power consumption

ianjenkins1946 <ianjudyjenkins@hotmail.com>

Pen Azen again. We have had recent problems both with our Simrad vhf and Icom IC M710 SSB, both to do with power output.
The Icom agent here in Rio replaced a transistor ( 2SC 4673) in the SSB . It now seems to work, but has lost its transmitting power meter. Normally, when transmitting, a number of led bars show up on the screen in a horizontal line, the more the better.
Has anyone had experience of a similar failure?
I have looked at the amp meter for the main batteries and on transmit with the SSB I seem to use anything up to 9 amps. Thats at 24 v , so 18 amps through the SSB which has its own converter to 12v.
On transmit with my vhf I seem to use about 8 amps.
If anyone is on board and has a fully functioning Simrad vhf and Icom M710 ssb I would be interested to hear of the readings that they experience on transmit.
fair airwaves, Ian and Judy, Pen Azen SM 302, Rio

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