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Best access is to pull the fridge out. It is very simple. From the centerline locker at the
bottom of the companionway steps, reach underneath the floor panels towards the port
side panel in front of the fridge. You will feel the Amel hand-screw that secures the floor
panel in front of the fridge, undo that screw, then lift that panel upward and out by first
pushing up from underneath on the forward edge of the panel. This is the way you access
the center section of the fresh water tank as well. Next remove the two phillips head
screws that hold the fridge's kick panel in place at the bottom of the fridge door. Then
from inside the left hand door (stbd side) under the sink, unscrew the Amel hand-screw
that holds the fridge in place. The fridge will then slide out (forward) on two wooden
skids attached to the bottom of the fridge, providing great access to all that you need to
service. Reinstallation is just the reverse. It is a simple job and takes no more than a
minute or two. Once the fridge is out you can also access the most aft compartment of
the fresh water tank if you care to inspect it and also verify that the two fridge
condensation drain hoses are secure and intact. By the way, the entire sink front panel,
including the doors/panel/garbage pail bracket etc, in front of the sink can be removed
by removing two countersunk phillips head screws at the top of the panel. The panel and
doors, all simply lift up off of retaining pins and out of the way. Of course you will need to
remove stowed items from the shelf in the bottom of the sink cabinet as the shelf is
partially supported by the front panel.

I never cease to be amazed at the way this boat is put together for ease of access.

Best regards,


--- In, Ian & Judy Jenkins <ianjudyjenkins@...>

Pen Azen is an SM 2000, no 302. Our fridge needs some gas added. The two valves can
be seen either by looking from inside the adjacent locker or by taking off the wooden
panel underneath the fridge. but I am uncertain as to how best to access them. Has
anyone done this? Is it necessary to pull the fridge out? I see that it has three bolts to hold
it in place. I am hoping that I can leave the fridge in place whilst topping up the gas.
Any suggestions would be very welcome.
Cheers, Ian and Judy, Pen Azen, Rio de Janeiro ( at anchor at a wonderful YC in Niteroi ,
all of $6 per day..... Its gonna be hard to leave...)

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