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Patrick McAneny

Olivier, Thanks for confirming that I was not missing any sort of filter. I understand the importance of not restricting air flow and I am only planning to install a wide mesh (1/4 inch) screen over the intake  and making it as you suggested a larger diameter surface area to increase area and emit more air. I can not believe that my engine even started , let alone achieve 1800 rpm with a tightly wound wad of paper towel completely plugging the intake at the turbo. I agree its a rare occurrence , but somehow rare occurrences , have been very common in my life. 
SM Shenanigans

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Hello Pat, Jean-Pierre, Duane and all SM and SA owners,

AMEL never installed any air filter on the PERKINS PRIMA and VOLVO TMD, but only an air muffler, in order to reduce the noise at the air intake (which can be as loud as at the exhaust). Then , with the YANMAR 4JH3, an air grate was included by the manufacturer.

For the PERKINS or VOLVO users who would like to install a kind of filter (like a sock or stocking) on the existing air muffler, beware that you will reduce the volume of air going into the cylinders (or turbo). In fact, you should in stall a piece of metal/plastic that would increase the intake diameter, and then install your sock/grate onto the larger diameter.

My advice: Don't change anything (Bill R may agree...!!) as the chance to get a towel in the air intake is poor (as long as you keep your engine room tidy!!!).
Don't make a Murphy's law of a very rare incident (a paper towel forgotten close to the air intake).

Enjoy motoring (and sailing...)


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Duane, No there is no hose from the air cleaner. My air cleaner , if that is what you call it , is a empty vessel with no filter element in it . I don't know if it should have a filter and its missing or what.

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Does the breather line (usually a rubber hose attached to the top of the valve cover) go to the air cleaner that feeds the turbo?


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