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eric freedman

I have replaced the cable once on Kimberlite years ago using the USA flat wire. If you are able buy the round European wire it would be easier . I have to replace the wire again. I guess it has a 7 year life span.

This time, I think I will heat shrink the connections where the wire joins the light.

The problem seems to be water entering the cable and wicking down the wire.


Last time, I found that the stainless plate where the cable exits the stanchion in the port bow locker  was rusted inside the fiberglass and had expanded the glass.

I cut out the steel and this time mounted it outside the glass where it was in contact with air. This time it  looks great. I am fortunately in Martinique and bought the round wire, and some to spare,

Fair Winds


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There is a product called cable lube. Lather that over any cable before you try to pull it through. You will be amazed how much easier it is
In the absence of cable lube try KY jelly or similar.
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Thanks Mark and James,

I'll try those ideas tomorrow, and then use a wire mouse line before trying the cable again.

The edges are too sharp for string.

Might try something on the wire to reduce friction too.

Nice to have another task for my new shop-vac, which did a lovely job of cleaning out the bilge.

Many thanks




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