Re: Bow light wiring gotcha

Dean Gillies

Ok, so here is how it played out this morning.

First I tried the vacuum to try and suck through the broken 3mm cord. I taped a few cm length of 18mm water pipe to the vacuum nozzlE. This allowed me to get a seal on the hole at the underside of the rear pulpit leg.
However, no luck, so I pulled the 3mm cord back out.

Second, I folded up a paper clip and attached a fine 1mm cord.  Then tried to tease it through the pulpit. It took a while to get it past the right angled bend, but I managed that. It was then fairly easy to move it to the base of the pulpit leg, but it wouldn't drop through the fiobre glass deck.  So, back to the vacuum, and hey presto, sucked it through the hole in the fibre glass. Now I had a very lightweight messenger line all the way from the light to the locker.

Third, I connected a length of fishing wire (not monofilament), to the locker end and pulled the 1mm cord back through, bringing the fishing wire with it. Now I had a strong, thin wire as my messenger.

Finally, I taped the new light cable to the wire, and smeared the cable with dishwashing liquid. (The only water based lubricant I had available!). I then rigged up a small pulley arrangement for the wire so I could stand at the bow and feed the cable in, whilst pulling on the wire.  This was very useful, but obviously not needed if you have an assistant (I didn't). Getting past the righ angle corner was the trickiest part, but once past there it was simple to get the cable through.

My new Lopo light is now fully operational. Thanks to Mark and James for the magnet and vacuum ideas.

Eric, the Lopolight has an encapsulated cable attached in production, so I used this. It is circular cross section, and seems like water-block construction. Certainly the old cable looked perfect when I took it out. It was a defective light, which Lopo replaced for me.

I will leave the replacement of the masthead tricolour/anchor light for another time when I have an assistant to send me up the mast. 

Now, next job ...

SY Stella
Amel 54 #154

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