Re: Depth of life raft locker

We have a Winslow "Super Light Offshore Plus" for 4 persons.  Well, 4 midgets, anyway.

We sent Winslow an extra EPIRB which they sealed inside and the final package was 8” x 17” x 36”.  They can fold their pack in other sizes as well.  At no additional charges they put extra handles at the end of the long sides.

A carpenter installed a sort of shelf, 8.5" deep with a small lip, forwardmost of the port side locker.  The raft stands upright by itself, held by the lip, with its top almost touching the closed hatch.  As the Winslow is very light, we've tested it and my wife, for example, can easily pull it out.

Below the shelf we've traditionally stored a couple of bottles of wine, but now we have two 2-liter bottles of fine Montenegrin beer.


SM2K #350 (2002)
Classic Yacht Marina, Ancient Telmessos, Asia Minor


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