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Hi Dean.  I don't know how the 54 bow pulpit compares to the SM 2000, but on Kristy, I was able to use a steel tape starting at the exit by the starboard light and retrieving it at the bottom of the stanchion.  I attached a small line to the end of the tape and retrieved it at the stanchion without getting the steel tape out.  I then pulled a larger line through, then pulled the new cable through using some lubricant designed for pulling wires.  I felt really lucky after doing exactly what you did.

S/V Kristy

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When I bought my 54 in August, the bowlight was not working.  Anyway, Lopo were great and sent me a new light free of charge.  Today I have been attempting to connect the new light, which has ended in a little disaster!

It was quite a challenge to remove the old cable which runs inside the pulpit rail with a 90degree corner at the front another maybe 70 deg corner at the aft end of the rail before going into the cockpit locker.

Eventually I succeeded in pulling the old cable through with a 3mm mouse line attached, leaving the mouse line to pull the new cable through. All good so far!

I then tried to pull the new cable through and only succeeded in breaking the mouse line before getting the new cable past the first 90 deg corner.  😡  The break was at the foot of the rail, where there must be a sharp edge which cut through the mouse cord. Maybe I should have a used a wire mouse line!

So, where does this leave me ?  Is there any clever way to recover from this and get the new cable through the pulpit rail?  

Time to open that bottle of wine Wolfgang. At least it's warm in here now :-)



SY Stella

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