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Hi I have an Amel 54 with Brunton Autoprop. I am happy with it and have experience of Maxprops, and Featherstream as well as fixed props. I also read the prop comparison article. My view is that the test showed the Autoprop would achieve 6 knots at 2100 rpm verses 2500 for the others. Looking at my own boat fuel consumption stats, it shoots up steeply with rpm. The difference between 2100 and 2500 is massive. Also it is better for the engine to be more highly loaded at lower rpm’s. Furthermore lower rpm is less noise and wear. 
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Dean, The only reason that I am considering to go with Flexofold is the test results conducted by Yachting Monthly . You can find a link on Flexofold website . Overall they surpassed every other prop in the majority of areas tested. Only in backward thrust did they end up in the middle of the pack. Forward thrust which is far more important , they were top rated. The drag is so low it could not be measured , but that would be true for all folding props and nearly true of all feathering props as well. I am going to see if I can find any other independent  comparisons of props , but check it out and draw your own conclusion .

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Interesting thread. 

I'm also changing out my fixed prop, but was leaning towards the Autoprop which was specified by Amel on other 54's.  Was there any compelling reason you chose flexofold over the Autoprop Patrick?

The Autoprop is priced around 2700GBP+VAT. Not sure how that compares to the flexofold?

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