Re: Volvo TMD22 RPM problems

pagandaisy <no_reply@...>

Beware of running too long at 2000. The turbo doesn't cut in until
approximately 2500. I had the bad habit of motoring around 2200 and
thus never engaging the turbo. Guess what? Yeah, it cost me a new
one. Parts and Power in Tortola, the only show in town did the
work. I suppose I can recommend them now that many hours of useless
work later, and much billing, they solved the problem following my
instructions based on Selo's recommendations. Maybe we'll see you
elsewhere. The current plan is to bring Pagan north to the Virgins
in December. Good luck. Arnold

--- In amelyachtowners@y..., rbenven44 <no_reply@y...> wrote:
Thanks to Arnold (Pagandaisy) and all others for the input on the
problems. Given that we had just had the injectors serviced, I
to suspect them, also.
We have cleaned the prop and seen no difference.
So we will continue on our way (2000 RPM is all we need to motor,
anyway), hope for good winds, and take care of the problem

Arnold, where did you have your work done?

We will be in Grenada in mid-to-late January, hope to see you there.

Regards, Roy "Excalibur" SM #195

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