Re: Amel Stainless Steel Anchor Shank Bend

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……. It should take 2 people not much more than 15
minutes and will have absolutely NO negative effects on the
integrity of the anchor....

Ari Grimm

May I say that I FULLY disagree with Ari Grimm's statement..
In a previous life ( :-) ), I've been involved in manufacturing
artificial heart valves and artificial hearts.. All valves have been
carved into a solid piece of titanium, as all our studies have
proved that both bending and welding the metal will change the
molecular structure and weaken the metal. Cardiac surgery is a place
where the risk factor should be absolutely ZERO..

Now, let's say that the shank is welded to the fluke.. but at a
place where the shank is much larger, and the overall resistance
should be enough..

It is very difficult to assert precisely which level of weakness re-
bending the shank straight will create.. but in doubt I think I will
change my own anchor for a new one.
Stainless steel is beautiful,
but galvanized steel (at least the one used to manufacture anchor's
shanks) is much stronger..

For more information, please have a look at my book:

"The complete anchoring hand book"

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