Testing standing rigging and bent anchors

John and Anne on Bali Hai <annejohn@...>

Many years ago I read that a good way to crack test rigging terminals
is to apply a fluid which shows up any cracks but I have never heard
or seen anything of this majic fluid since until now when I believe I
have found it at last.
There is a company called Eftec which is a Swiss or German outfit
which now produces and /or markets a wide range of products dealing
with or avoiding corrosion on aircraft, automobiles or whatever. The
brand name is Dinitrol and the crack tester comes in three 400ml
aersol cans called Dinitrol Sim. One is a cleaner, the second the
indicator and the third is the developer which shows up any flaws in
red. It cannot be airmailed (aersols). Available from www.frost.co.uk
or various agents in Europe (try Google). The US agent is
My Amel S/S CQR type anchor has been a garden ornament ever since we
got a 26kg Wasi or Bugel type anchor in galvanised steel in Turkey
three or four years ago for about 200 euros. We find that it takes
hold in most bottoms very quickly and securely. We also carry but
have yet to use a Fortress and a fisherman, both normally dismantled.

Regards, Anne and John, SM319

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