Carrying spare rigging ?

smiles bernard

Hello there

I'd value this groups thoughts on carrying spare rigging on long journeys - to allow for repairs on passage or in remote locations.

What supplies do you carry ?

My 1985 isomat masted (single spreader) maramu is pretty new to me and I've yet to see the masthead and the rigging terminals up there but the aft lowers have a ball and cup system that then locates into he spreader -to- mast attachment. In my experience aft lowers seem to take a lot of working on ocean crossings I was going to see about sourcing a spare to allow basic at sea repairs.

Anyway it'd be great to hear people's approach!

I wonder people dyneema based options for a 'get me home' jury rig and any mast / turnbuckle attachments these require?

All the best

Maramu 1985

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