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Peter Forbes


We took two 4ft lengths of 20mm rigging wire with turn buckle eye at each end and 20 bulldog clips. We had aft lower failure (or broken strands to be exact) and used this scheme to jury rig repair until we got to Fiji.

Peter Forbes
Amel 54 #035
St Lucia - Marigot Bay 

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Hello there

I'd value this groups thoughts on carrying spare rigging on long journeys - to allow for repairs on passage or in remote locations.

What supplies do you carry ?

My 1985 isomat masted (single spreader) maramu is pretty new to me and I've yet to see the masthead and the rigging terminals up there but the aft lowers have a ball and cup system that then locates into he spreader -to- mast attachment. In my experience aft lowers seem to take a lot of working on ocean crossings I was going to see about sourcing a spare to allow basic at sea repairs.

Anyway it'd be great to hear people's approach!

I wonder people dyneema based options for a 'get me home' jury rig and any mast / turnbuckle attachments these require?

All the best

Maramu 1985

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