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Ryan Meador

They are also known as wire rope clips.  Peter, do I understand correctly that you sister the 4' section of wire rope to the existing standing rigging, spanning the frayed section, and use the bulldog clips on each side so that it takes some of the load?  That's a clever idea I had never considered before.  Do you think it would be doable if the existing rigging had actually parted?  Maybe you could undo the turnbuckle as much as possible, clamp in the new piece, and then tighten and get something close to the original tension?  Assuming your mast is still up, which it might not be at that point.

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Hi Peter,

A bulldog clip in American English is a paper clip. 
What's the translation from English English?
Cheers,  Craig

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We took two 4ft lengths of 20mm rigging wire with turn buckle eye at each end and 20 bulldog clips. We had aft lower failure (or broken strands to be exact) and used this scheme to jury rig repair until we got to Fiji.

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