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Once your boat is out of the water it is relatively easy to make the linesplan with a theodolite. You then plot them and interpolate the volume between areas of each cross section. If you have a software like AutoCAD it would be even simpler.

It is a nice winter evening project to do if you have the boat out of the water.  I shall be back to the boat in January and if I can get hold of a theodolite in Portimao, I might do it just to bring my naval architect spirit back and get the SM linesplan!


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Dear Redouan
You are absolutely right. The International Tonnage Certificate is a virtual measure based on the volume of the ship. And yes it is expensive to get the measurer to make the line-drawings again and calculate the volume that is one of the basic parameteres of the tonnage calculation. I will try my luck with at Amel, if there is no Irish or Swedish registered SM with the needed numbers or calculations or line-drawings.
Thanks for your answer.
Kind Regards
Jeppe, SM464

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