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Do not assume that the "tons" shown on your documentation certificate has anything to do with the vessel's weight.

It is an archaic calculation that is an estimate of the boat's cargo carrying capacity based on its volume. On US certificates it is calculated from the boat’s width, height, and length.  

Because, you know many of us haul freight with our Amel’s and the government needs to be sure it gets its duties collected accurately.  Or something.

Some countries use a rough approximate calculation (like the USA and the UK) others take this to the silly limit and require an exact calculation of the internal volume from a lines drawing of the hull.  The whole concept is rather a waste to time and energy  for a yacht, but rules is rules!

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Follow on from my previous. That is way more than Amel specs.
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Kimberlites stated tonnage on the USA Documentation is 25 net tons and 28 gross  tons.

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 the gross/net  tonnage, so that the official measure can
make the International certificate of
tonnage.Have you recieved any info which can
help?Kind RegardsJeppe, SM464


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