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I just this morning removed one of Emek’s stainless arches we had made. He made it up and sent it in the spring but it has been nothing but issues. The fit was horrendous and though he made gestures to get it sorted, he never followed through. All 4 feet sat poorly with gaps to the inside or out ranging from 1/8” to 5/8” on the starboard forward mounting foot. The geometry was so off that every time I brought welders out to look, they either went into hiding and never returned calls and emails, or they promised to make it right but said it would be thousands (5+) to cut, refabricate, weld, polish and mount. As it is holding us back from sailing at the moment, I pulled it all off and put it in storage to sort out next summer. Though I don’t love the look o the Atlantic arch, I know several boats who have gone that route and do not complain. I would look at the new LG 350w panels from nearing in Ft Lauderdale. Two will fit nicely atop the Atlantic and give you good power. 

Steve Morrison
SM 380 TouRai
Ft Lauderdale marine center

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Hello Mark

We have 450 w solar panels on an Arc from Emek marine, works great, I added 2x100 watt on the rail and 2x100 watt flexible panels on the Bimini. Now we have two groups 450 and 400 watt, we are very pleased with the setup.
Considering adding 2x100 watt flexible panels on top of the spray hood.
Paul on SY Kerpa SM 259

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