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I received a reply from Olivier BEAUTE. He said, "If your boat is in
the water, you can test (for connectivity between the SSB ground plate
and the zinc anodes) by measuring if there is an electric connection
between the copper plate located inside the starboard aft locker and
the rudder axis that you will see in the aft cabin."

I performed the test and found that SSB ground plate and the zinc
anodes are indeed connected.

The Amel User's Guide states on page 17: "When setting up an SSB,
disconnect ground plates of the anodes (behind the chart table). I
thought I located the wiring block behind the chart table and posted a
photo on this site. I was incorrect. The photo I posted was the
wiring block for the Amel installed Furuno 1503 SSB head unit and was
not what was referred to in the User's Guide.

I am still trying to learn what exactly the guide is referring to when
it states to "...disconnect ground plates of the anodes (behind the
chart table)."

If anyone knows please respond to this list.

I have sent another email to Mr. Beaute and will post any response I


Bill Rouse
s/v BeBe SM2 #387

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BeBe, a Super Maramu 2000 #387, has been experiencing what appears to
be some electrolysis on the rudder mounted ground plates. We have an
Amel installed Furuno 1503 SSB with whip antenna.

It is possible the electrolysis happened in a "hot" marina recently,
however, I noticed the following on page 17 of my user's guide, "When
setting up a SSB, disconnect ground plates of the anodes (behind the
chart table)."

I posted a photo of what I believe the owner's guide is referring to in
a new album titled "Grounding SSB Radio." It is a photo of a wiring
block located behind the Velcro-attached panel just above the chart
table. The photo shows a wiring junction block for 24 volts and has 3
yellow/green ground wires attached to the center of the block. Two of
these yellow/green ground wires are twisted together.

Can anyone tell me if this is what is referred to in the user's guide
and if these ground wires should be disconnected? Does anyone know
where these ground wires trace/lead to?

I have emailed a copy of the photo to Olivier BEAUTE including the above
questions as well. When a receive a response from him, I will advise
this group.


Bill Rouse
s/v BeBe
SM2 #387

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