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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Mark

Before our first ocean crossing in 2009 we fitted two panels clamped to the rail port side just aft of the cockpit. There is no need for props or braces

 They are about 1/3 inside the rail 2/3 out. The clamps have hand wheel nuts that allow easy tightening and loosening. This makes it quick and easy to put them in an upright position when docking or in confined spaces. In over 40,000 sea miles in all sort of conditions we have never had an issue with seas striking them.

When we fitted them we had no time to use other options so we put them on the rail and decided that if it was not convenient or effective we would shift them to an alternative, It has proved to be very satisfactory and we have no need or desire to move them.

In 2009 the general wisdom on the Amel forum was that big arches put too much weight on the stern and the SM structure was not designed  for the loads of arches . Now the arches seem to be the number one fashion statement. (grin).

Any way we are happy with what we have, but we are ocean wallopers not marina animals.



SM 299 Ocean Pearl 

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Hello All,

I am considering adding solar to our SM and would like to know where members of the group have placed their panels and how they feel about their choice.  Ours does not currently have an arch, but we are willing to add one should that be the best location.  It looks like at least a few in the group have nice, clean installations using Atlantic Towers, and any feedback about their product and working with them would be appreciated.


Ft. Lauderdale



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