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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Tom and Kirstin,

My panels are 130 watt if I remember correctly, it was 8 years ago. I posted photos on the forum so you should be able to find them. If not I will photo again, but not immediately. If you can I advise putting them both on the Port side. They do restrict access down the side deck slightly and I think it best to limit this to one side. If you put them one each side I think you would find that irritating. Because I was considering changing to a different location I ran the wiring down a rail upright, across the deck and up and over at the back of the cockpit into the large port cockpit locker. Cable tied the wires to the base of the mizzen stay. From there I drilled through into the small locker and through to where the mizzen wiring goes and thence back to the front of the battery compartment to a solar panel controller, and then to the batteries.

The intention was to do  a more standard process of drilling through the deck etc later. BUT, the wiring is so unobtrusive and effective I have left is as is. It is a long run so use appropriate cabling size. Because you can get sun and no wind and wind and no sun I also have a "super wind" 350 watt wind generator on top of the mizzen. This is an expensive German unit with self feathering blades capable of withstanding very high winds. Very happy with both systems.



SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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Hey Danny- we are just about to fit 210 w solar panels on our rails port and starboard using your 1/3 in 2/3 out approach with a similar hardware configuration. Just wondering how big your panels are that require no additional bracing ? We are designing and purchasing things away from the boat (not optimal, but necessary).

Also, we're looking at several wiring diagrams and have seen a lot of different setups (i.e. fusing both before and after the MPPT controller, on-off toggle for power, ammeter location, etc. Anything you learned from wiring this would be appreciated.

Tom and Kirstin
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