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Patrick McAneny

Mark, I met with them at the Annapolis show and spoke with them once or twice when ordering and they were fine , helpful.  They now have sold several to Amel owners and know which one to sell you. It comes in a box and is easy to assemble / install , I think total time start to finish was maybe eight hours . Would have been a little less , but I chose to several inches off the tubes to lessen the height . I built my own solar frame and installed three panels , they are out of the way and are never in a shadow . I incorporated davits into my S.S. frame and it has been great to haul the dinghy for trips between the islands.
Good Luck,
Pat SM #123

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Hello All,

I am considering adding solar to our SM and would like to know where members of the group have placed their panels and how they feel about their choice.  Ours does not currently have an arch, but we are willing to add one should that be the best location.  It looks like at least a few in the group have nice, clean installations using Atlantic Towers, and any feedback about their product and working with them would be appreciated.

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