Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Solar Panel Location


Hi Mark,
I just added an Atlantic Towers arch with solar on the arch.  I added 4 150watt panels.  The supports for the panels sold by Atlantic Towers didn't work with my panels and new supports were manufactured.  Atlantic didn't want to take their supports back, so I have them for sale.
Craig Briggs helped me install the took 2 1/2 days after a couple of mis-starts.  The install is straightforward and clean.  I used the supplied backing plates.  There is some side-to-side movement which I am so far dealing with when at sea with crossing lines from the arch to the aft cleats.  Attaching the arch to the lifelines helps some, but I will probably add removable cables angling from the arch to a pad-eye in the center of the deck below the aft lifeline.  I would use them when at sea, and remove them (at least the starboard one) when at anchor or med-moored.

S/V Kristy

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