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Danny and Yvonne SIMMS

Hi Chuck,

on SM 299 the bow thruster has sensors clamped to the ram that lifts and lowers the thruster. These need to be properly positioned. The clamps can be loosened and the (little oblong black boxes) moved up or down as they set the start and stop points. Position by trial and error. 


Danny SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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Hi All,

I have been stricken with the dreaded bow thruster burn up! This has happened to a few of you so I am reaching out because we are stuck for a fix. The usual story - Hole in BT is sitting slightly higher than the pin-lock. The up-sensor was a bit erratic and probably allowed the BT to go up to high and jamming the up-down rod. My model does not have a fuse and sure enough we burnt up the motor. I now have a shiny new fabriqué en France motor and it is installed. When commanding the motor to go up from the helm it goes up. When commanding to go down it buzzes like it is already down. Rod does not move down. We are thinking it is one of the orange relays on the circuit board. We changed the diodes out to be sure it was not them. Does that sound right? Any ideas would be appreciated. We are trying to leave and this is keeping us dockside. Thanks in advance.


s/v Joy

SM2K #388




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