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Kent Robertson

The arch attaches to the deck through "mortise and tenon" type fittings.  The small amount of side to side movement doesn't stress the fitting that is bolted to the deck.

S/V Kristy

With those tall arches and the tendency for sway I would be concerned about the stress on the fiberglass where the mountings are attached. That sway would translate into considerable lever action on the mounting points. Over time watch for star fracturing of the gel coat. 



SM 299 Ocean Pearl

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Hi Mark,
I just added an Atlantic Towers arch with solar on the arch.  I added 4 150watt panels.  The supports for the panels sold by Atlantic Towers didn't work with my panels and new supports were manufactured.  Atlantic didn't want to take their supports back, so I have them for sale.
Craig Briggs helped me install the took 2 1/2 days after a couple of mis-starts.  The install is straightforward and clean.  I used the supplied backing plates.  There is some side-to-side movement which I am so far dealing with when at sea with crossing lines from the arch to the aft cleats.  Attaching the arch to the lifelines helps some, but I will probably add removable cables angling from the arch to a pad-eye in the center of the deck below the aft lifeline.  I would use them when at sea, and remove them (at least the starboard one) when at anchor or med-moored.

S/V Kristy



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