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Mark Erdos

If you make it to the windward Islands I would be interested in taking the old pump of your hands for the parts you mention. We don’t plan on going much further north than Guadeloupe this season.



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Hello all- I own Super Maramu #422, L'ORIENT. I replaced my original bilge pump at sea a few months ago as it started leaking from the seal with the diaphragm. Later, I took it apart and noted (among other things) that the all-important plastic gear is intact; the motor and pivot arm appear fine as well.......which I believe is important for folks who elect to rebuild and keep theirs.


I'm keeping my replacement bilge pump in service and would entertain interesting barter offers of spare parts for my leaking but still largely operational bilge pump. Payment in a reasonable Sancerre is also acceptable.


I'll be back on my boat in Antigua end of December and will be stationary for at least a few weeks doing bottom job/prop seal/bow thruster service. Lorient422"at"gmail"dot"com.

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