Transmission Oil Cooler and white puffy smoke or steam - overheating at high RPM

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We were experiencing white puffy smoke or steam and overheating at
high RMP. This symptom means that it is likely that water is hitting
a hot mixing elbow in spurts rather than an even flow.

We did the obvious things we thought:
• Checked the Water Chest Strainer (it was OK)
• Replaced the Impeller (old one looked fine)
• Removed and cleaned the heat exchanger (looked OK)
• Removed and cleaned the Turbo Intercooler (looked OK)
• Replaced the thermostat (did not check the old one)

The problem continued. Then I recalled that the transmission oil
cooler is plumbed in-line with the sea water line from the Water Chest
to the sea water pump. It is relatively simple to disconnect the
rubber end boots from the cooler.

We disconnected both ends of the cooler. On the inlet side of the
cooler we found about 1/3 cup of small mussel shells and other debris
which almost completely blocked the water flow.

If you are in the tropics with prolific barnacles and mussels, we
recommend a check of this transmission oil cooler every 250 hours.

We posted photos in a new folder named "Transmission Oil Cooler."


Bill Rouse
S/V BeBe SM2 #387

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