Re: Charcoal Filter

Duane Siegfri

I'm in the process of changing out the fresh water plumbing in the engine room from the water tank connection (at the engine room fwd bulkhead).

I'm going to include a std 10" carbon filter for the entire boat (to protect the RO membranes and provide better water for consumption), then a ball valve to shut off fresh water to the watermaker, then plumbing into the watermaker prefilter and the auto flush valve.

The reason for all this, is I had a problem with the 3-way valve leaking to the seawater circuit, which others have experienced.  If you have this problem, and you have the seachest thru-hull valve closed, you could fill the generator with fresh water. (note that Apolo has a warning on their 3-way valve that if the pressure on the closed side is higher than the pressure on the open side, the ball may unseat and leak to the low pressure side). I had this happen when we were out of the water with the seacock closed,  in a boatyard for 3 months. 

To prevent this serious problem I'm adding a ball valve prior to the 3-way valve.  Since I'm replacing the water pump and eliminating the surge tank, I have room for the carbon filter and new stainless plumbing.  If anyone is interested I'll post a photo when I'm done.

Wanderer, SM#477

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