Re: Adhesive recommendations for overhead liner

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I had the same problem on a previously owned Maramu. The head (of
the tropics) turns the foam backing into a dust. My solution was to
use a contact cement. However, you will find that afterwards the
surface is no longer smoothe as there is no foam to fill the gaps.
The answer of course is to replace the material completely. A big
job. Amel solved the problem in later SM's by using a material that
has different backing. When I got my SM about 8 years ago I told
Amel I would provide the material myself. By that timed they were
aware of the problem and had found the revised material. Contact
cement will work for you, but the results won't be very pretty.

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I don't know if it's the heat of the summer that's causing it, but
several areas of the overhead 'vinyl' liner on our SM have peeled
off, exposing the still attached foam backing.
Can anyone suggest what glue or adhesive they've successfully used
reattach the liner (without having to scrape off the foam, it's
SM #5 Spice

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