Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Manual mainsail furler

Stephen Davis

Hi Pat,

Just remove the 4 screws, and work the black piece out (not difficult). The gears inside will now be exposed. It should be full of grease, but likely due to water intrusion, it will be a soupy mess. Clean it all out, and repack with grease. Around the metal part the winch handle goes in is a lip seal. That is what is allowing grease out, and it needs to be replaced. Sorry...don't know the correct size. 

Steve Davis
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A couple of months ago , I could not unfurl the main . I dropped the motor and could not unfurl it manually. I move the winch handle back and forth and after a couple of minutes I succeeded  to get the furler to move. I have noticed for years oil or grease oozing from where the winch handle is placed. Can that unit be accessed to clean and grease the gears? Is there a seal to be replaced to prevent the oil/grease from escaping ? I did put a grease fitting in it years ago , but have not added grease  for a few years. 


Pat SM#123

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