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Ryan Meador

Bill, I had the same idea when I first saw how the door worked :)  But I assumed I would need to fabricate my own cam, so that was way down the priority list.  This looks like a fantastic solution, and I just ordered one.  Thanks!

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When I first saw a Super Maramu, I thought that some kind of cam would be a much better solution to clamping the bar that locks the companionway than the fussy hand wheels that were used.  I gather that toward the end of the production run, Amel saw that light and started using them.

I put that thought aside, never actually looking for a solution until I was on Steve's TouRai this past week which had been retro fitted with cam levers... "Hey! Where did you get those?"  He pointed me in the right direction. Turns out what I thought was a very clever idea might well be clever, but is not exactly original.

There is one company in Germany, Kipp, that makes a wide variety of various goodies, including an assortment of cam levers.  The ones that I needed were M8, internal thread, cam levers.  They are available in an assortment of materials, coated steel, aluminum, plastic, and stainless.  Pic the look you like, and pick your price (from US$12 to US$80 each)

These are the ones we installed:

If you adjust them so the levers hang straight down when open they don't turn, and stay adjusted as you want them.  Just lift the handle, and the bar looks down. Quite slick.  

Bill Kinney

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