New Autoprop Specs

Dean Gillies

Hi all,

Having made the decision to order the Autoprop, I just wanted to check the relevant specs to make sure it fits ok. I am ordering the following from Bruntons:

H6-566mm 3 Blade Autoprop
Roller Bearing Propeller to suit Amel 54 with Volvo D3-110 Engine 110hp @ 3000rpm, with a 1.97:1 Gearbox Ratio 35mm Shaft Diameter, with LH Rotation. Serial Number:- AP10276

I am fairly confident that Bruntons know what is needed for the Amel 54, however the only two items I cannot confirm from the Amel documentation that I have are the Gearbox Ratio 1.97:1 and the shaft diameter 35mm.

The 1.97 is correct for the ZF transmission, so may I assume that the C-Drive is 1:1?

Stella is a 2010 model Amel 54.

Many thanks 

Dean (back in Sydney)

SY Stella

Amel 54 #154

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