Re: Flexofold Prop


VARIPROP--This is follow-up on the model, size and pricing information that I received back from the German company S.P.W. GmbH  .   The size used on our Redline SM was a DF-112, ø 22" x 16" pitch ahead x 14" pitch astern LH rotation for ISO 35.  The current pricing is €4.469,80.  I had asked them about other Amels and their response was "
Yes, we fit... mostly 4 blades onto AMEL Yachts. Some were smaller sizes, some same DF-112 types  as well, depends on the Yacht and engine details."

Hope this is helpful to anyone inquiring regarding the Variprop.  I do have their pdf price list if anyone needs it.

Bob, KAIMI SM429

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