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Thanks Eric,

I bought one some time ago on your recommendation. I just have not
installed it because it operates on 12 volts. However, so does the
engine. I will install it tomorrow.

Any hints on the installation?


s/v BeBe SM2 #387

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You might also think of adding a high temperature alarm to the water
exhaust hose of th engine.
it goes off at 150 degrees at a temperature low enough to save the
hose and the muffler. you can see
what happens if you do not have one . there is a picture of my
melted muffler in the photo section.
the alarm costs about $90- from Borel manufacturing in the USA. it
is a one hour install.
My muffler melted along with hose damage and the engine high temp
alarm never went off.
Fair winds,
eric sm 376 Kimberlite

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Great Post Bill,

This is a routine maintenance that I hadn't even thought
of doing. I will add it to the rowing list.

Gary Silver S/V Liahona Amel SM2000 #335

".....If you are in the tropics with prolific barnacles and
mussels, we
recommend a check of this transmission oil cooler every 250 hours.

We posted photos in a new folder named "Transmission Oil Cooler."

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