Re: [Amel Yacht Owners] Martinique. Boat on island about January 18

James Cromie <jamescromie@...>

Eric - thanks for getting a list together.  Jessica and I are looking forward to meeting the others when we head down to Le Marin.  We will be there 12/15 - 22, 1/9 - 15, and 2/23 - 3/4.  We’ll be down there again around 4/27 at which point we are planning on sailing up to Rhode Island.  

On our first trip down, we have a lot of gear to bring, but if anyone is in need of something being brought down, we’d be happy to try to help if possible. 

SV La Bella Vita
SM #347

On Dec 6, 2017, at 5:56 PM, 'sailormon' kimberlite@... [amelyachtowners] <amelyachtowners@...> wrote:

Hi All,

I will be in Martinique the evening of January 18 for a while,

Looks like the following boats will be there around that time,

Some owners will be on board and others will be away. In any event here seems to be the list

If you will be there around that time please add your name.


Jeff Krause 54 Spirit

Derek Gates 53 Brava

Miles Bidwell-not aboard 53 Lady Bug

Dan Carlson, BeBe, SM#387

Vladimir SM 345 "LIFE is Good" 

Olaf MIA-AMARA,  Santorin  Ponton 5

James Cromie La Bella Vie (new owner) SM53


Fair Winds


Kimberlite Amel Super Maramu #376




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