Re: Bow Thruster Travel Adjustment

Craig Briggs

Granted we're only talking millimeters, but it seems the lifting action should stop exactly at the level at which the pin can be inserted without squeezing the cables.. This will provide the proper compression of the shaft seals whether you pin it or not.
That is, if you need to squeeze the cables to get the pin in, either you're over-compressing the seals or they are under-compressed with the pin out.
We have ours lined up so the pin goes in snugly without squeezing the cables. Then, when we're making a passage and want to use the pin we insert it and then give a quick flip of the down switch to unload the cables so all the weight is on the pin..
As I mentioned in a previous post, we rotate the pin behind the locking post to prevent any possibility of it falling out, which is highly unlikely anyway what with all the weight on the pin. 

Craig Briggs, SN68

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The correct adjustment is where you ended up.  The last few millimeters of lift certainly should be by hand, squeezing the wires together.  This makes sure the pin is actually taking the load of the motor (which is HEAVY).  It would be not good at all to have the jack screw supporting the weight of the motor when pounding into a head sea.  As you also noted, if the pin is not doing any actual lifting, it just falls out.

This adjustment also prevents the jack screw from "dead heading" against a excessive load.  This would also be very bad for it.

This is one case where the correct adjustment is much easier to actually achieve than the wrong one!

Bill Kinney
SM160, Harmonie
Fort Lauderdale, FL

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