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It is correctly adjusted if you have to pull the wire to raise it about 10mm. 

About 11 years ago I discussed the adjustment of the wire with the Amel Service Manager in the Caribbean...he said, "don't touch it."


Remember that there are about 3 or 4 versions of the Amel Bow Thruster on the SN and SM. Advice from one owner pertaining to one version may screw up another version. Be careful.

Yesterday I was helping a SM owner and client of mine with a SM in the high 200s. The Thruster propeller shaft had a small dent where the seal meets the shaft. We were using the new spec 29mm seal. It leaked at the dent. We had a machine shop make a stainless steel sleeve for a 30mm shaft and seal it to the damaged shaft. $140USD for the custom sleeve and fitting it to the shaft including pick up and delivery on the same day. 

Sometimes you have to improvise 😊


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Thank you for your response. 

I have been using the cable grab method to insert the pin, but what is the procedure to adjust the lift mechanism?

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